Orders getting rejected

Dear Zerodha, @sujith
Today, in the morning many of our orders (around 100) were rejected by the kite app stating the following reasons (mainly) -
1. The exchange connection did not accept the order (adapter). Please retry.
2. Server not ready
Could you please let us know under what conditions do these errors creep up?
It would also be great if you let us know how to handle them under all conditions. Attaching screenshots for your reference.

Thanks and Regards

  • sujith
    Orders placed in the equity segment between 9.15 AM and 9.22 AM for a few of our clients got rejected due to an issue with the exchange connection.
    While we are investigating it to find a permanent fix, its unfortunate that it happened.
    You can add a check to resend the order after a minute or two to cover for this case(if it occurs).
  • pallavi
    But due to this error m not able to sell...n unfortunately its big loss
  • pallavi
    It degrades the performance of kite
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