Subscription of Tokens

Will On_order_update method give details about all the orders for an api key or only for the subscribed tokens in on_connect method.
I have subscribed for bank nifty tokens in on_connect method, but I am getting updates of all the orders (both bank nifty and nifty). How can we limit the tokens to validate for?
  • sujith
    Order updates are for all the orders placed on your account via Kite app or web or third party Kite Connect apps. It is not related to live market tick data.
  • subha
    Ok thanks. One more question, Can I have my business logic in order_update method or should it be handled separately?
  • sujith
    You will have to respond 200 first to the Kite Trade and then do whatever you want. Kite Trade has like 2 to 3 seconds timeout for that POST request.

    And also, there are certain edgecases, Hence we recommend using order update as an event to fetch orderbook for updated values like status, filled quantity etc.
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