Zerodha API with 1Cliq glitch at 12.45pm today

TraderSam edited August 2023 in API clients
Am using 1cliq with the chargeable Zerodha monthly API and nifty bought PE at 12.45pm for 200 lots (which is 10000 contract size). For some reason, the trade wasnt visible on the 1Cliq app despite refreshing the app and with few seconds delay popped up on Kite.
In panic mode, I decided to close the position and was unable to close the 200 lots in the Kite platform, as it accepted only 1800 quantity at the time. This meant manually exiting the position multiple times incurring losses.
My question is - how does one is made aware of API issues with between Zerodha and API till its too late? and Why large lots trade taken on API are not automatically captured as Icebergs in Kite to exit in 1 click, like with other brokers>
Unfair to traders to bear the loss for no-fault of theirs.
  • rakeshr
    Am using 1cliq
    We don't support 1cliq. You can contact them.
  • sud747
    We don't support 1cliq. You can contact them.

    What ? You mean to say they built that whole 1cliq platform without official tie up or consultation with zerodha or any other broker for that matter ? Seems like they simply pulled brokers public API documentation and built their platform on top of that without paying any attention to different functionalities that each of them got to offer. That explains why iceberg order is not supported by them for zerodha, seems like they are using simple generic order slicing algorithm to all brokers.
  • vukumail
    I also thought 1cliq have some official tie up. But that is not the case. 1cliq portrayed themselves as highly reliable & fast execution platform but internally it is just a wrapper on zerodha APIs. Sad!
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