too many requests on getInstruments EndPoint

Trying to get expiries, by this endpoint. getting response in realtime and playing with it.

After a while, the endpoint throws too many requests.

I have api subscription. API threshold is mentioned as 10r/second. I was making a call with 10 seconds gap.

Is there a upper limit on API Calls?
  • sujith
    The GetInstruments returns you a very large file. You need to fetch it and cache it at your end for the day. It gets updated everyday morning after 7:30 AM so it is better to download post that.
  • cvcnsprakash
    cvcnsprakash edited November 2023
    I get that Sujith. Wanna know the throttle limit, as it is not mentioned anywhere & not in sync with 'All Calls' limit.
  • sujith
    As mentioned above, we recommend pulling it once for the day and store it.
  • cvcnsprakash
    Man, I too am a Platform developer. Big fan of engineering at Zerodha too. But, I don't understand why this question is being complicated?

    Question is simple. You have an API, and obviously you will have a throttle limit for that. Just wanna know that.
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