Trouble with Bracket Order on using Dot Net API - ? Possible Bug

When placing a Bracket Order, the values for stop loss trigger and square off price are not being set properly.

For. eg. : Today I was trying with SBIN. Irrespective of what order i place, it always places the values as
243.45 for stoploss, 297.45 for squareoff.
I tried this multiple values of stop loss and square off , always its the same above two values.

Possibly some bug ?
Or something I am doing wrong?


  • botany02
    botany02 edited February 2017

    Public Function PlaceBO ( 
    Exch As String,
    TrdSym As String,
    Trans As String,
    Qty As Integer,
    LmtPrice As Double,
    SqOffValue As Double,
    StoplossValue As Double,
    Optional TrailValue As Double = 0
    ) As String

    SqOffValue & StoplossValue should be points not price...
    You are passing absolute price
  • chotabheem
    My bad :D
    Points mean ticks or price difference.
    Buy is at 240. If square off is 242, then should it be 2 or 2*20 (20 ticks per 1 rs)
  • botany02
    Points mean Price difference
    Not ticks
    Kite accept points only
  • sujith
    Price was constant because it was setting stoploss at lower circuit and target at upper circuit value.
  • chotabheem
    @botany02 @sujith
    Thanks for replies... :)
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