Curious as to why Open Interest data is not transmitted through the API

As I understand, the nest trader gives the Open Interest data, The nest is a Reuters tool. You guys have Reuters back end for the data. Then why is Open interest data not coming from the API ?
Also what are the plans for the OI data? Are we going to get it through the API? If yes by when?
  • Shaj
    Yes, open interesting is big miss... i have to rely on other tools to get the same.
  • sujith
    Hi @pinkpanther, @Shaj,
    We don't use TR for live market data. We get live market data directly from the exchange.
    We will include open interest in next version of websockets.
  • Shaj
    Thanks @sujith . OI is a important factor for people who trade in F&O. I have temporarily stopped streaming because of the same reason.
  • vvijay
    @pinkpanther @sujith I have this demand open for a long time . This should be available in the historical API also. As I work on a Mac , none of the existing data vendors support Mac.
  • pinkpanther
    @Shaj same here...even I have also stopped streaming because of OI. I donot know what stops them to not stream this data when all the other params are coming fine. @sujith sir has said it will be in the next version of websockets(no mention of 'soon' , as last time I was critical of the usage of the word) . However this feature doesnt seem any time sooner :smiley: Lets start the waiting game :wink:
  • pinkpanther
    @vvijay my best guess is there some bureaucratic problem with this data that is why they are not able to stream this. You must know our dear exchanges don't like giving data to retail traders, best data is always and only for institutions and rich people.. I have held my faith in the Zerodha team, am sure they are working and fighting hard enough to give an opportunity to retail traders on this space..
  • Shaj
    Yeah lets hope they will be able to get it soon. I was reading the sharekhan api, and as per the documentation, they do seem to provide OI. But the biggest problem with Sharekhan is that i guess we will have to develop the app on window.. which is a pain :) atleast for me.
  • pinkpanther
    @Shaj yes they do provide but with a poor architected API.Technically its junk and a mess. After a lot of using other products I found out Kite has the best/clean architecture when it comes to Market API. It helps to scale fast .
  • IMPB
    OI data in live market is usually wrong and misleading. Even data from NSE website is wrong. Actual data gets uploaded after markets which you can see in Bhavcopy. Don't bother about OI data.
  • pinkpanther
    @IMPB every data we get is very stale and if not processed correctly would be misleading.Since you have already come to a conclusion about the OI data, are you sure your data vendor was genuine?
  • haribabu
    I am also waiting for OI data in live as well as Historical data.

    Hope it is done at the earliest.
  • Shaj
    Any update on this ? When can we expect OI in the live data ?
  • sujith
    It will be added in the next version of Websockets. We are working on new websockets architecture. It might take a while to make it production ready. As of now, we can't guarantee any timeline.
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