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I would like to know the costing model for per client trade api
I could see that it's 2000 per month per api.
Isn't it too much who is already paying brokerage
  • sujith
    sujith edited September 2020
    Kite Connect offers much more with just Rs 2000.
    1. The Rs 2000 for Kite Connect charges include GST.
    2. Kite Connect API's historical dataset is bigger than any other offering.
    3. Kite Connect APIs are scalable, tried, and tested. Businesses like smallcase, Sensibull, Streak have been set up on these APIs.
    4. Kite Connect APIs give access to direct mutual funds.
    5. Kite Connect v3.0(after complete migration) will be faster and even more offerings are coming up.
    6. Kite Connect v3.0 will offer eTags which will reduce bandwidth consumption drastically.
    7. Kite Connect offers GTT feature.

    You should also think about the operational cost involved. Before Zerodha people were paying huge brokerage than now. The live market data subscription cost starts from Rs3000. Since you are our client, you can get it for free with Kite Connect subscription.
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