I have a question regarding charges for app with 2000 credit s:
1 when charge s I.e. 2000 rs per month starts to get deducted?
2. Which account will be charged if I have multiple trading account in zerodha?
I am new bee so want to test it out with market data and hence wanted to know when charges will be deducted?
  • Learner
    HI Guys,
    Can you please help on above? Just waned to know when 2000 rs charges starts to apply? I am trying to test the app first, so any response will be really helpful
  • sujith
    You need 2000 credits to create an app. Once you subscribe for Kite Connect App. It is valid for 30 days.

    You may link Zerodha account to your developers console account to auto debit from your Zerodha Account every month automatically.

    The money will be deducted from the Zerodha account you link.
    You may also choose to pay via Razorpay.
  • Learner
    Thanks Sujith. Just one question:
    So let's say today I create a developer connect app, so from today itself money will be deducted from my account. IS there a way I can test first and once my app is ready I can start paying the amount.
  • prat
    @Learner This question has been asked many times and they have replied a lot of time that they currently donot provide demo accounts.So yes you have to pay for testing your app too
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