Kite Web 3.0 beta release

Kailash edited January 2018 in General
Along side Kite Connect 3.0 APIs, we've also been working hard on a whole new Kite Web experience. Check out the beta here
  • vardhan36397
    Hi Kailash,

    Great to see the new look of Dashboard. As a technical analysis person, I am looking for some enhancements like drawing lines automatically based on the criteria. For Example, any drawn line on day's High and day's Low. It should be part of Indicators.

    Let me know if it sounds meaningful and looking for more information.

    R C Vamsi Vardhan
  • abhayn
    hii kailash, seen the much awaited kite3.0, and feel much disappointed thats there is no addition in number of stock in watch list, but more sad to see , in chart there is no option to see stock without adding them first on watch list, which i had find major drawback in kite, as its not always possible to add lot of stock to add first in stock watch list , so pl if there is chance let allow client to see stock charts without need to add them in watchlist
  • namitjain2890
    @abhayn There is a search symbol option on the top left of any chart. You can view a chart by entering the scrip there without adding it to the watchlist, it's available in the current version of the kite as well.
  • namitjain2890
    oops. Just checked, that field works only if the scrip is on the watchlist. I guess I've been watching charts only from my watchlist
  • abhayn
    yes, namit,, its only show stock from watch list only, thats for me very inconvenience, and hope for many others too
  • Vivekchand
    Kite Web 3.0 looks great. The 2 and 4 chart option is not working. I am using Firefox as my browser.
  • Vivekchand
    Also, is there any plans to include the Open Interest, especially with the Connect API supporting OI.
  • rayi
    the OI request is big time ask from the community/stakeholders..not sure when this request would be heard.
  • sujith
    @Vivekchand, @rayi,
    We will include open interest in next version of websockets.
  • mohitgohelce
    I am a customer of Zerodha, and want to use the API services of zerodha, but before that I have question for getting live data using zerodha api.

    Say I have list 10 stocks, stock_list = [Reliance, Tata Motor, HUL, etc..]

    Now is there any api available when I just pass stock_list as parameter in single GET request and it will return all the stocks live price in response ?
  • sujith
    Please create a new thread for new queries, it might help others who are looking for the same.

    We do have a bulk fetch API to which you can pass instrument tokens and it will return data for all the instruments. You can check out this thread.
  • Mahendrasingh
    pls let me know how to draw trend lines ,fibonasi retracement etc
  • sujith
    This forum is dedicated only to Kite Connect related queries. Please write to support to know details about other platforms.
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