Do I need to pay for getting webosocket data?

Historical data vs streaming data which one is free or both are paid?
  • sujith
    Kite ticker(websocket) is available in the base subscription of the Kite Connect. Historical data is an add-on subscription.
    The base subscription will cost Rs 2000 per month and historical subscription will cost Rs2000 per month.
  • harikongu
    What is the frequency of historical data we can get?
    I need to get Kite Connect base subscription to place order and ticker, right?
    Can I get all the information displayed in web app using Kite Connect API? Example: 1. How much profit I have made in some order? 2. Date I have placed the order
  • prat
    historical candles are available on all time frames as displayed on kite web platform.
    yes you need base subscription for placing orders .
    You have to calculate pnl and date etc at your end.
  • sujith
    sujith edited December 2017
    You can get positions from API which will have buy average and P&L. In order to calculate P&L for every tick, you can use Kite ticker(Webscokets) API.

    As of now, Kite Connect provides trading platform APIs and it will only have current day's orderbook but history orders are a part of the back office. The back office APIs are not yet available in Kite Connect. We will provide API for history orders in future.
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