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  • Switch between Default and Dark theme.
  • Enable or disable order notifications.
  • Enable or disable the sticky order window.
  • Enable or disable accessibility mode.
  • Enable or disable fullscreen.
  • Enable or disable sticky pins.
  • Switch between Chart IQ or Trading view.
  • Switch between close price and open price for Marketwatch change.


Console is Zerodha's back office reporting tool. Tap on Portfolio, Tradebook, P&L, Tax P&L, IPO, Gift stocks or Family from this section.

Connected Apps

Tap on Connected apps to check the apps connected to Kite app. Tap on the app to view the permissions. Access to the apps can be revoked by tapping on Revoke.


Tap on Logout to log out of the Kite app.


Support portal

Search for any trading or Kite-related query on the Support Portal. For further assistance, create a ticket by selecting the relevant topic.

User manual

Tap on the User manual to view the Kite application user manual.


Tap on Contact to create a ticket or to see the phone numbers for New account opening, Support and Call and trade facility.


Invite Friends

Users can refer friends and family members to open an account with Zerodha to get referral benefits by sharing the affiliate link. Clients can earn 10% brokerage and 300 reward points for every referred customer that opens an account. These reward points can be used to get the waiver for AMC and also to subscribe to Zerodha's paid products such as Streak, Sensibull, smallcase, and LearnApp. See What is Zerodha's referral programme, and what are its benefits?