login in desktop app

I have created a desktop app for trading terminal using kite connect api. I have to create a window to login on my app. Is there any endpoints for login directly using http request. I am using electron for building my app.

when i login to kite using the link and Inspected the web I have watch one post method in network tab. Can i use it to login in my app also.
  • rakeshr
    Is this for public use or for personal?
    For personal use, you have to follow this login flow.
  • Swarup2006
    Thank you for your respond. I was making it for my personal use. I have another question about authorization for selling holdings. When i place a CNC order for selling my holdings without authorization, Order is rejected. How would I authorize using my own app.
    I have seen a button in Kite to authorize holdings selling. How would I add that button.
    Thank you in advance.
  • sujith
    You can check out the documentation here.
  • Swarup2006
    Thank you for your kind information
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