How to test the code/logic without directly using it on the live market ?

Anudeep666 edited July 2021 in General
Hi, I wanted to know how we can test the logic before using it on the live market.
Is there some option like paper trading or some mock which can help achieve this ?
If NO, are you guys directly placing orders on the live market to test the logic ?
Please answer as this has been a major blocker for me.
Thanks in advance.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect doesn't have a sandbox environment. Either you can place orders after market hours.
    We allow placing orders for ICICIBANK:NSE or keep 0 balance in the account and place orders.
    Make sure, you don't spam by placing too many orders otherwise your app might be flagged by RMS and get blocked.
  • Anudeep666
    Thank you @sujith for your insights.
    I wanted to work with option trading.. I guess keeping the balance as zero would work for the time being.
    Also do you have any idea if the sandbox environment is a part of future releases ?
    That would be a huge plus to the platform.
  • milli
    @sujith Do you allow placing orders for ICICIBANK:NSE after market hours for testing? Would these get deleted automatically or do we have to delete them later after testing?
  • rakeshr
    Yes, it get deleted next day BOD. You can know more in this thread.
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