Trading symbol for GREENPANEL-BE and ABAN

mdprasad edited July 20 in API clients
Dear Team, while placing order for greenpanel (on NSE) via our multi user app, we were facing issues. Later realized that the symbol you are expected from us to pass is GREENPANEL-BE (However symbol provided by exchange is GREENPANEL and Series is BE). Is there a logic (rule) on when you expect symbol to be passed need transformation to SYMBOL+"-SERIES"?

Also, observed that for ABAN (though it is in BE series), you are not expecting us to pass ABAN-BE!!
  • rakeshr
    2561,10,ABAN,"ABAN OFFSHORE.",0,,0,0.05,1,EQ,NSE,NSE
    No, ABAN is EQ series.
    You can check the trading symbol from the complete instrument list.
  • mdprasad
    ABAN series was BE on 19th July, but became EQ on 20th; rechecked in EOD bhav copy of NSE.

    Point I want to understand is, the series might change as per exchange guidance, but symbol changes very rarely. In case of sending api order request for NSE, is there a general rule such that, if series is EQ, then symbol should be just symbol and if series is anything else, then symbol should be symbol + "-"series?

    If there is no such logic, then symbols for companies in NSE and BSE would differ and we would be facing issues on our multi user app.
  • sujith
    Yes, if it is EQ series then Kite Connect doesn't add -EQ, but for other T2T segments, we add series.

    Please note that NSE and BSE have different types of tradingsymbol naming for T2T segments. You can read more about it here.
  • mdprasad
    Thanks Sujith. It helps alot.
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