Instruments description

Pasted below is one instrument from kite.instruments(). I would like to know meaning of each key . Pls help.

{'instrument_token': 1446657, 'exchange_token': '5651', 'tradingsymbol': 'ZUARIGLOB-BE', 'name': 'ZUARI GLOBAL', 'last_price': 0.0, 'expiry': '', 'strike': 0.0, 'tick_size': 0.05, 'lot_size': 1, 'instrument_type': 'EQ', 'segment': 'NSE', 'exchange': 'NSE'}, {'instrument_token': 4514561, 'exchange_token': '17635', 'tradingsymbol': 'ZYDUSWELL', 'name': 'ZYDUS WELLNESS', 'last_price': 0.0, 'expiry': '', 'strike': 0.0, 'tick_size': 0.05, 'lot_size': 1, 'instrument_type': 'EQ', 'segment': 'NSE', 'exchange': 'NSE'}

Also also like to know which values are unique .

  • sujith
    You can refer to the API documentation here.
  • Rupali
    Thanks Sujith.
    I would like to know is instrument_token always unique everyday?
  • sujith
    It will be unique for the day in the instruments dump file.
  • Rupali
    @sujith why am receiving all values as zero.
    Posting source as well:

    instrument_dump = kite.instruments("NSE")
    instrument_df = pd.DataFrame(instrument_dump)

    Attached SS of the CVS file. Please help.
  • rakeshr
    INDICES can't be traded, so all those irreverent fields are null.
  • Rupali
    @rakeshr ,

    Even for EQ, its showing Zero. Attaching snapshot.
    EQ.PNG 34.9K
  • Rupali
    Rupali edited September 2021
    Here is snippet of code.

    instrument_dump = kite.instruments(exchange = "NSE")
    instrument_df = pd.DataFrame(instrument_dump)
    instrument_df.to_csv("NSE_Instruments_01_09_2021.csv", index=False)

    Attaching SS of PDB.

    pdb.PNG 21.8K
  • rakeshr
    The full Instrument list is used for instrument info like instrument_token, trading symbol, etc but not for live market data, so market data like last price, won't be able on full instrument list.
    For all live market data, you will have to use Quote or Websocket streaming.
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