Hello everyone. I am new to programming. I want to build a pc for my program(i have no knowledge about pc,i never had one in my life).But i have learnt some basic things about python from the documentation and youtube. So can you all tell me the specifications for a good pc( i want my program to be executed in max 1-2 secs.).My budget is under 1 lakh.Also,i heard that program execution also depends on my connection speed. So please tell me how much speed wifi i should buy. THANKS
    @rakeshr any help sir???
  • trade_then
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    Hello, Do you want PC for trading purposes or are you enthusiastic about programming too.
    And how below 1 Lakh. what is the max your are willing to spend.
    are you trying to assemble yourself or are you buying ready-made.

    Just few basic tips:-
    Don`t compromise on good
    Motherboard and Power Supply
    they both are essential for long term reliability.

    Motherboard that has built in voltage protection around peripheral. that is if voltage overshoots or electricity turns off which is a problem in India. this will make your hard disk last long.

    Powersupply should be smart too and able to delivery adequate voltage to your peripherals.

    If you want analysis done while live in the market than 2 hard disks are a must. otherwise if you are doing serious number crunching and their is some serious back and forth between CPU and Harddisk it might choke your computer. So put your program and databases etc. on one disk and operating system on another. I am saying this from personal experience.

    Rest you can figure out with your budget. Go to online sites like Flipkart or Amazon Etc. to select parts or computer you will have many options.


    @trade_then sir,i want it only for trading. and i am willing to spend not more than 1 lakh. i am thinking of buying readymade as i dont know how to assemble it myself. as i told,i dont know anything about desktops. also, i will keep in mind about 2 hard disks,motheboard and power supply. But which motherboard and power supply should i buy? You look experienced, please let me know which company would be better. THANK YOU.
  • trade_then
    I am very sorry I can`t help you there.
    Just had a look over what is available as ready made in the market and none of it is that I would want to use myself so I cant recommend that to you. I myself always bought all parts and then assembled it myself
    so with this ready-made stuff. what is under the covers is actually very time consuming researching.

    If you are too eager have a look at this but if it was me I wont buy.
    1. Lenovo Think Centre M70t
    2. you can customize it here
    Mostly because of corona new parts are not available in the market and their is no point in buying old technology when you are willing to spend 1 Lakh for it.

    Secondly Windows-11 will be out soon and it does not support all processors of the old they might rectify it.

    Windows Processor Support

    I would recommend waiting a while.

    @trade_then First of all,Thank You for your precious time. as you are saying that assembling a pc will be better than buying readymade , i will do it, always ready to learn new things. Please suggest me all the components which you think will be good for me.
  • tahseen

    Use Digital Ocean or something similar. Why spend time on hardware and its maintainability when your focus is algo and trade execution
    @tahseen yes brother,my focus is algo only. and i will use digtal ocean. But for fast execution, isn't good processor etc. required??
    That's what i came here to know,which processor and the other components for fast execution should i buy. Can you tell me which processor is good??
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    Ok. Thanks.
  • RED

    I run my algo on a Thinkpad r60, RAM=4gb, processor=intel core duo 2GHz, OS = Ubuntu 20.04.

    All depends on your Wifi connection and use LAN instead of wifi for minimal latency delay (rarely useful).

    If possible get a gaming laptop from abroad (RTX 30 series, 11th gen/ryzen>5/7) even mac air M1 is good.

    Best way to trade freely is to use cloud services, AWS EC2 example.

    Think before getting something.
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    @RED Thanks brother for your suggestions.❤️❤️❤️
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