Incorrect api_key or access_token

When I make calls to the api, I receive this error
I have gone through the docs and I am sure I am generating the access_token properly because this issue is not there for other users but just a particular one
  • rakeshr
    I am generating the access_token properly
    Is this error coming only for specific API calls? Or it's coming for all requests?
    If for all requests, you need to re-check on the access_token generation. This thread can help.
  • sarmahsubham
    I implement algo trading strategies for few people. The generating access token and saving it is common for all of them and the access token generated works perfectly for others but not this particular user.
  • sujith
    sujith edited September 27
    You will need to cross check if you are using the right api_key and using the Kite Connect app's api_key and not a Publisher api_key.
    Also, let us which API call is throwing the above error for that specific client? order placement?
  • sarmahsubham
    We are not using the publisher api key, we are using the app's api key.

    Currently all api calls are giving the same error.
  • rakeshr
    Can you DM us the required API key?
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