Error while Fetching Session

Hi @rakeshr
Some of our clients are getting this error multiple times, but not everyone. like around 10-20%. One observation is that this has started occurring since yesterday only when the TOTP has been made mandatory. Before that we didn't even face this issue a single time.

We are using the publisher API and the Trading API (Multi User)

  • sujith
    Can you give device and browser details?
  • DevTrinkerr
    Web and Google Chrome.
  • DevTrinkerr
    @sujith @rakeshr Please comment on the following, the number of users who are getting affected by this is increasing.
  • vatsarj
    vatsarj edited October 2021
    Hi @sujith
    Yes, me and many of my friends are also facing this issue, this is started of an occasional issue is now happening very frequently, it gets resolved only upon refreshing the page and in some cases takes refreshing it several times. This is happening on all browsers irrespective of incognito or not and in Mobile browser too.
    Could you please check this urgently and let us know what has been changed for this to happen ? This is also some time difficult to reproduce as it happens randomly and not noticed any pattern as such.
  • DevTrinkerr
    @sujith @rakeshr : Can you please comment on this particular issue. The users are still facing this problem.
  • sujith
    We are trying to reproduce this error but we couldn't. Is this a consistent issue or intermittent?
    Does it happen at the opening or during the day also? Any hint to reproduce this consistently will be helpful.
  • vatsarj
    @sujith it is intermittent and random. But seems to be happening most of the time in the second attempt onwards. Most of the time right click and reload works but some time it takes several attempts. It could be something to do with the session ID etc.
  • DevTrinkerr
    DevTrinkerr edited October 2021
    @sujith: It is very much random in production. While testing, when we connect through ngrok tunnel, this issue comes up almost all of the time. Maybe you can try that environment.
  • DevTrinkerr
    @sujith : can you please provide an update on the same.
  • AnastasiaSin
    I would also like to know an update and some details on this topic!
  • sujith
    This was fixed. You can let us know if you still have issue.
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