Exiting NRML orders/positions

How do we exit a NRML position? Do we place a counter order for it OR do we use the Order ID and exit the order.
In -case of placing a counter order, suppose:
1) I sell Nifty Oct future at 17000 at 10am
2) I sell another Nifty Oct future at 173000 at 11am
Now if I would want to exit only the future which I brought at 11am @ 17300 & not the one I brought at 10am , how do we do that specifically?
  • rakeshr
    Yes, you need to place a counter order, with the required order params.
  • hashlinee
    What if we have two positions of the same symbol with different prices ? How do we exit the specific one?
  • sujith
    You will have to place a market order with the same params as position but with opposite transaction type.

    If you have two orders of same product type then it will show up as one entry in positions.
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