User friendly names of Options

The API for instruments provides the Trading Symbol field of the instrument for options, which provides names like "NIFTY21O2118300CE" for the instrument. On your kite trading app, you provide a much more user friendly name for the same option as "NIFTY 21st w OCT 18300 CE". Is there an API where I can extract this user friendly name for the option to display, rather than the trading symbol?
I understand that one can always write a small routine to generate user friendly names from the instrument details, but I was trying to avoid recreating the wheel. :-D

Thanks in advance.
  • sujith
    I am afraid we can't provide an API for that. It is just a reading the tradingsymbol and construct the formatted name using the expiry and segment details.
  • sudipto
    Is there a way in the Instrument data to distinguish between weekly options and monthly options, or do we have to check if the expiry is the last Thursday of the month to figure out for ourselves. Sometimes the expiry might not be a Thursday, so it adds complexity to the algo otherwise.
  • themohammedfaisal
    themohammedfaisal edited October 13
    You can use this logic for all NFO symbols
    Weekly- Index/Stock Name +Year of Expiry(numerical) +Month of expiry(numerical) + Day of expiry(numerical) + Strike and Option type(or FUT for futures)
    Regex- (?:(.*?)(\d{2}[A-Za-z0-9_]{1}\d{2})(.*)){1,1}
    Monthly- Index/Stock Name +Year of Expiry(numerical) +Month of expiry(MMM text) + Strike and Option type(or FUT for futures)
    Regex- (?:(.*?)(\d{2}[A-Z]{3})(.*)){1,1}

    Note- This is the nomenclature as of right now.
  • nivasdhina
    @themohammedfaisal @sujith I have also arrived at some logic to concatenate the required Strike symbols but when I try to place the order I am getting an unknown symbol. Do you have any good solution for this?


    Am I missing out on something here? I have also tried to take the dump of all trading symbols from the Kite API and this symbol is also present. But yet I get the above error. Thanks in advance.
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