How to check MIS is enabled for a symbol on premarket timings

I have an Algo setup based on PHP library. As per my strategy the orders must be placed exactly at 9:15AM.

Currently I'm using the response from to get the margin and check MIS is enabled for a symbol. But the problem is the response is not an updated one even if I ping at 9:14AM.

For example today(20-OCT-2021), the response from margins/equity has symbols such as ANGELBRKG, NETWORK18 and TATAMTRDVR when pinging before 9:15AM. But after 9:15AM the response is updated for the day. So I'm getting below error on the order

MIS orders are currently blocked for TATAMTRDVR. Place a CNC order instead. [List of stocks](https:\/\/\/spreadsheets\/d\/1fLTsNpFJPK349RTjs0GRSXJZD-5soCUkZt9eSMTJ2m4\/edit?usp=sharing) allowed for MIS\/CO trades.

My problem is I wanted to know what are the stocks MIS enabled for the day before 9:15AM(or premarket)

Is there any API I can ping to check the MIS status for the symbol on premarket timings or before that? Or am I missing something?

Kindly share your feedback
  • rakeshr
    You can use order margin API to know the MIS margin requirement for required contract.
  • jahir
    jahir edited October 2021
    @rakeshr thank you for your suggestion. But my objective is to find whether MIS orders are allowed or blocked for the symbol on the given day before the market start(pre-market).

    Or to get the list of symbols which are allowed for MIS orders for the day before the market start(pre-market)

    Is there any solution you can help with?
  • sujith
    You can check Utilities section here.
    For now, we don't have an API for that. In future, we may come up with a feasible solution.
    Or an alternate solution is to place an order and check for now. If you don't see 400 error, then it is allowed.
  • jahir
    jahir edited October 2021
    @sujith thank you for your response. My trade must be executed at 9:15am and the alternate solution you have mentioned may not work for me, any delay will put my trade into negative figures. Also it puts load on your APIs as well.

    I'm thinking about couple of solutions

    Solution 1: Could you please share, exactly at which time this link - is being updated? Can it be updated before or at the pre-market session?

    Solution 2: I have noticed the Zerodha - Intraday margins Google Spreadsheet ( is being updated earlier and it will work for me to access it and have it as a temporary solution until you provide an API to check MIS is allowed or Solution 1 can be done. Is it possible for you to publish this Google Spreadsheet as CSV and share me the link so I can read it as CSV? - Publish to the web - . This spreadsheet is already public, also the Spreadsheet is on Google so pinging it will not have any load or affect your APIs.

    Kindly let me know, Thanks
  • rakeshr
    You can write a script in your comfortable language to read and download this spreadsheet into CSV. Downloadable link is:

    You can refer to this package for an example implementation in python language.
  • sujith this endpoint can be updated during the day also. It is done by the RMS team.
  • jahir
    thank you @sujith @rakeshr I will use the csv from Google Sheet. Could you please confirm whether the Google sheet is updated before the market start? sorry just wanted to confirm so this solution will solve my problem
  • sujith
    It is updated before market and also during the market.
  • KamalChhirang
    @jahir The Google sheet is reliable 98% of the time. But sometimes, it shows a stock can be traded in MIS but in reality, we get blocked MIS error. Just letting you know.
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