Limits on Meta property as part of order creation and postback

Hello Team,

Seems like meta map property is newly introduced, could you pls provide the limitations of it and how different is when compared to tag.
  • rakeshr
    It's a map of arbitrary fields that the system may attach to an order. It's independent of the tag.
  • sujith
    This is a field introduced for supporting new features we are going to introduce in future releases. For now, this is a map of arbitrary data.
  • mnkartik
    So upon creating order do we be having the option to set the map values via api ?
  • sujith
    Nope, it is not supported yet.
  • vijaynair
    vijaynair edited September 2022
    Looks like 'meta' can be used to recognize if the order was generated from a gtt.
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