List where day to day change of symbol is mantained

Every day, Zerodha changes the symbol of some stocks. From normal stock to a BE stock. Like GLOBUSSPR recently got converted to BE.

Any docs which I can parse every day so that to keep myself updated on these symbol changes?
  • sujith
    Stocks can be moved to BE, BZ, BL series (called trade to trade segment) by the exchange for any reason, after few days it is moved back to EQ segment by the exchange. We just follow whatever is being provided by the exchange.
    There are various reasons why stocks are moved to Trade to trade segment, one of it could be to curb the speculation on that stock.
  • okalex
    okalex edited November 10
    sir, can we do algorithmic trading in stocks on listing day..? if so how can we get the id details etc of this stock to send orders?+
  • Imran
    Yes, you can do algorithmic trading in stocks on listing day like other stocks.
    You will get its instrument token and other necessary details from Kite API's Instrument call to send orders to exchange.
    instrument list
  • sujith
    You will have to download the current day's instruments file.
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