postback url?

"https://localhost:8000" or "" is not accepted. I get an error.
"Not a valid postback URL. Please make sure it's an https:// URL"
same problem as this thread.
I wonder why kite api developers are not responding. Some project manager of this was so lazy that he did not want to take account of users who want to place orders from their local machine but instead created this where they want the individuals like me to
create one cloud account on aws/google/microsoft
buy one domain
buy one cloud server
learn how to develop a web site
deploy a front end in reactjs/angular or some javascript framework
deploy a backend app server like django
deploy a database like postgresql
learn rest api framework and develop a full fledged web server
deploy a reverse proxy for your website
buy an https encryption
ALL TO BUY ONE SHARE ONLINE. Either the product manager of this is very very dumb or they are deliberately making it difficult to ensure the presence of a very high entry barrier. I wonder what kind of money or obligation is making them take a decision against the growth and well being of their company.
  • sujith
    If you don't have postback URL then don't set it. Just use order updates via Websocket API.
  • ambig
    @sujith It won't allow blank or empty entries. Both URLs are mandatory. I signed up for upstox hoping that they provide api. Now they too have closed the offering with an excuse of it currently being offered a *closed group*. Very moronic. Zerodha is partner of a website called quantindia where by connecting zerodha with them you can do algo trading with their bots and that site doesnt even have HTTPS encryption for their site. If they really cared for security of their users then they would not be partnering with those who don't even both to encrypt their site.
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