Request token time limit

Hi Team,

Per the below link

I have seen that the request token is valid for 5 min, does this mean that only when the API's are not invoked using access_token for more than 5 min, we need to login again. Pls clarify.
  • sujith
    @mnkartik, you need to fetch access token with in 5 min after you get request token.
    All API calls are authenticated using access token.
    Access token is valid for one day.
  • mnkartik
    Thanks @sujith, let me know if my understanding is right.

    Per the flow given in the documentation,

    after getting the request_token as part of the redirect url, I need to fetch the access_token within 5 min else could not get the access_token and error is returned. And in such case I need to again hit the login url with the access key to get the new request_token as part of redirect url agian.

    and regarding the access_token once received, it will be valid for the entire one day ( 24 hours from the time access_token is generated ) unless below actions are performed

    * logged into the kite web console in browser and click logout as this results to all running sessions to termination.
    * mistakenly hitting login url with api_key and logging to generate new request_token

    Let know if my understanding is right.
  • sujith
    Yes, you are right. But last statement is wrong. User will not be logged out after creating new request token.
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