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What is Bar Number (is it time frame), what input we have to give in istime field, LTP. Please explain
  • sujith
    Are you using KiteXL by @HowUTrade ?
  • HowUTrade
    @nagavardhana chari
    This is an utility function in Excel/VBA to calculate High made between two time points. An example use case is, checking 'Highest High' made by NIFTY between 0930 to 0940 hours

    Assume you have
    B1 = GetRTD("NFO", "NIFTY21DECFUT", "LAST") //Ltp
    C1 = 09:30:00 //BeginTime
    D1 = 09:40:00 //EndTime
    E1 = TIME(HOUR(NOW()),MINUTE(NOW()),SECOND(NOW())) //TimeNow
    F1 = AND(E1>=C1, E1<D1) //IsCandleTime

    G1 = GetCandleHigh("NIFTY", "S1", 1, F1, B1)

    The BarNum parameter is used to store 'Highest High' for different time points
    use 1 to capture 0930 to 0940
    use 2 to capture 0940 to 0950, so on
  • nagavardhana chari
    nagavardhana chari edited December 2021
    Thankyou verymuch, nicely explained sir
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