Creating APIs for customers using Zerodha's OHLC data.


I'm using Zerodha's API to get historical OHLC data for stocks and creating different technical indicators using that. For example: RSI, PVT, SMA, EMA, Bollinger Bands etc. Then I'm creating filters for example: give alert when RSI crosses above 50 AND PVT crosses above PVT EMA.

Can I expose my APIs publicly available for others to use ?
  • sujith
    You can open source your project. But make sure to remove all the app and client specific tokens from commit history.
  • Sp98
    Sorry. That's not what I meant. I have created grpc service for RSI, PVT, EMA etc. I'm planning to expose these APIs for others or maybe even charge them for using my APIs.

    So I wanted to check if thats even allowed.
  • sujith
    You can write to kiteconnect(at) and speak to someone from compliance.
  • sujith
    Make sure to include details about the project.
  • Sp98
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