TOTP error for only some orders in a basket

In the same basket, some orders are going through and others are being rejected with TOTP error

  • rakeshr
    I just tried the same basket order param with an account having TOTP enabled. It worked fine.

  • algolover
    But why is this the case, TOTP should be required for kite connect only. Even for my application , we are using publisher API and not kite connect. Its still asking for same
  • algolover
    @sujith can u please clarify if we need TOTP even for kite publisher
  • sujith
    Yes, TOTP is mandatory for Kite Publisher also.
  • algolover
    @sujith What about HTML buttons, will that also need TOTP or not
  • rakeshr
    Yes. Go through this thread.
  • devendra4
    @rakeshr I have enabled TOTP since I started using kite publisher and Today is the first time I got the same error message (at around 9:07:04 am). And without doing anything with respect to 2FA, same basket worked fine after 9:15:00 am.
    If TOTP is the issue, all orders should have shown the same error but some are executed while some others are shown the error.
    Other similar errors I have experienced in the past:
    "Invalid variety" - Regular was given as variety but few are executed and few were rejected though it is same for all.
    "account_id" should be 6 chars uppercase - We are no where giving account ID as input, but this was shown as error only for some orders (Not all in the same basket). Please see this thread
    These errors are occuring at random times, it may work if you try now. But we have no clue at what time it will show error and how and when they work again.
  • rakeshr
    Please DM your client_id, so we can investigate further on the TOTP issue.
  • algolover
    @sujith Sensibull , Sreak dont need TOTP. Any specific reason why its so. They are also connecting through publisher API i guess
  • sujith
    Very soon all the platforms will have to use TOTP as a second factor authentication. This is in compliance with the recent directives by regulators.
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