Delay when placing multiple order at the same instant

I am placing two sell order using thread for each order (total two threads). The order contains pair of CE and PE (Bank Nifty) option of a particular strike price. When the order is placed in Zerodha side, there is a delay in 1 second and rarely it goes upto 2 seconds. I am seeing this problem for last few weeks. Can anyone help me in this? I am using the same piece of code for last two months.
  • sujith
    Are you saying there is a delay of 1 second from the time you fire and it shows up on orderbook (order time)?
  • sujith
    Or is it from the time you fire and get the response for place order?
  • sujith
    Can you give more details about your setup?
  • KeizyJoseph96
    KeizyJoseph96 edited February 2022
    In the order book I am seeing a delay of one seconds

    in the screenshot you can see there is delay of 1 second between the sell order of 37000CE and 37000PE. But from the code side, the two order was triggered at the same instant using two threads.
    SRIJAN edited February 2022
    This delay is normal. It might be that the first order was placed at almost the end lf the second,and the second order was placed at the next second. Or the second order was placed at barely the end of the second. In that case,sometimes zerodha rounds off the time. I tried what you are doing multiple times. Only once there was this difference of one second you mentioned,beacuse my 2nd order was placed at 0.98th sec. So, the order time in orderbook was the next sec. Other times,both orders got placed at same second. And,I don't think that is a real issue.
  • CARahulPatel
    If it is simple straddle or strangle - better to use just one thread and post order at same time. We do that same way no dealy since last one year.
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