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DJ_Jain edited March 27 in API clients
Trying to open login_url in a tkinter window, get error 'We're sorry but kite doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue.'.

How to solve it? Is it possible to open login url inside a tkinter window using tkinterweb.. below is minimal code
import tkinterweb
import tkinter as tk
root = tk.Tk()
frame = tkinterweb.HtmlFrame(root)
frame.load_website(login_url, decode='utf-8', force=True)
frame.pack(fill="both", expand=True)
  • rakeshr
    tkinterweb by default won't support web pages that use javascript. Maybe cefpython module can help.
  • DJ_Jain
    @rakeshr cefpython is way too slow and is infeasible. Could you suggest any other alternative? while tkinterweb isnt great, surprisingly it loads wikipedia.org at blink of eye.. that page contains images etc amidst widgets... i dont know how..

    would be very helpful if you could suggest some way...
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