The user is not enabled for the app

{"status":"error","message":"The user is not enabled for the app.","data":null,"error_type":"InputException"}.

I am a new zerodha user. I am having only one zerodha Clientid. I am using the same in both APP Details and alos in Dotnet API client. and I am getting above said error.

I read through all forum post. all posts are talking about to use same client id in both places which I already did. other than that no clue.

Thanks in advance
    SRIJAN edited April 2022
    This shouldn't happen.
    Check if you have entered the correct client id in the app details on developer console. Also,check if you are using the correct api_key.
  • Satvik
    i have reverified the client id in APP Details and in the code. I am getting the same error after login to the site.
    if you need screen shot of APP details and the URL trying to connect, ill send it. Please share the email Id to share.
    @sujith Sir, @rakeshr Sir can help you. Wait for their response.
  • Satvik
    It is working. I am not sure what is the issue. But I have cleared all the cookies and rebooted my machine. Thanks
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