javakiteconnect Test code does not compile


I have found that javakiteconnect Test code is out of date and it does not build.

Does any one working on java kiteconnect?

  • sujith
    sujith edited February 2017
    1. Use Kite Connect as module in your java app or use jar.
    2. Copy test file and make that as main file in config.
    3. Run your app.
  • Kulbir
    Yes there were some compilation errors in the java client . I too had to manually fix them.
  • mohitgarga
    Hi, can you help me with a simple hello world java program to fetch stock price from zerodha?
  • sujith
    From recent releases, we are uploading the whole project to the repository. From now on, you should be able to clone that repository, enter credentials and run it.

    You can check out example here.
  • pranksterguru
    there are alot of compilation errors in java kiteconnect. fix it plz

    i can use the jar however i cannot use it as module due to error
  • sujith
    You need to add dependencies to the libraries in the libs directory of kiteconnect module and configure the project to run it.
  • pranksterguru
    i have added those lib files already and also added the maven jars.. these errors are all different.. adding Screenshot

  • sujith
    Aah, I got it. Wherever there local variables which are being passed to another inline class it is showing the error to declare it as a final variable.
    But on my system, it works perfectly. I am using the same codebase.
    We have done changes, you can pull the new changes and use it.
  • pranksterguru
    there were two more errors . its gone after i changed it to final but you can do it in the repository to avoid errors for others

    also, do we really need maven-gpg-plugin for security? i am usually removing it from POM because i do not have it insalled.
  • sujith
    You need to make tokens list a final variable.

    Yes, you can remove pom file if you are cloning the repository.
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