Stop Loss order not modified

Sometimes, when I modified SL limit order (to trail it), it is not modified, and when I check history, the status say so.
This is quite random and happens occassionaly.
What could be the probable cause of this. For e.g. today this happened in one of my order id: #220504200180245
    What's the error you got when order modification failed??
  • rakeshr
    rakeshr edited May 4
    You can check the status message for the order failure in the order history.
  • SharadKothari
    There is no error. The status is simply not modified.
  • sujith
    You need to fetch orderbook and check the status_message field.
  • SharadKothari
    The status message says "No modified". This happened twice for the same order. Enclosing the screenshot.
    SRIJAN edited May 5
    You need to check status_message, not status in order history if you want to check for historical order failure reason. Doc link was highlighted in the above reply.
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