on_order_update for GTT

Hi @rakeshr

I'm trying to see how I can get order status updates for GTT by using on_order_update ws callback, but not getting any updates.

Is it possible to get GTT order updates via above callback? Or is there any other way?
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    You will get order update for gtt orders after trigger is hit.
  • RokuD
    Thank you @SRIJAN for the reply. Is there a response structure example that I can look at?
    Websocket on_order_update has same response as postbacks. You can look at example here:

  • RokuD
    Thanks @SRIJAN

    I've been trying to make gtt work via api. The order gets placed successfully, but gets rejected when ltp reaches trigger price and the error message doesn't make any sense (trigger price below lower circuit)

    Posting example and screenshots below (NIFTY MAY futures) for SL sell gtt order where
    Trigger Price = 15880
    Price = 15721 (lower than trigger for sell order to use SL as SLM)

    Code screenshot:

    Error message on portal:

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    I don't get it too.
    Maybe Sujith Sir, Rakesh Sir can explain.
  • RokuD
    Thanks SRIJAN.
    Hi @sujith @rakeshr, requesting your input for above query
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