Nifty Tick Data Request for 15-June-2022


I am new to this forum.

Posting this request to share (or point to some source for) today's (15-June-2022) Nifty 50 Tick data. Don't need for full day, only first 3-4 minutes (9:15 to 9:18) is fine.

  • sujith
    You can get started here.
  • mridulk
    Thanks @sujith

    I am new to the discussion forum but have been using KiteConnect and historical data API for over an year.
    I do not store live tick level data, and my understanding is that historical data has minimum interval of 1 minute. For some testing, I need tick level data for the particular date and period and hence the request to share.
    I guess any of the forum members who store tick data for Nifty and willing to share it for 15 June 2022 for first few minutes of trading can help me.
    Does the documentation link you have posted have anything related to historical tick data? Let me check.

    Thanks again
  • HowUTrade
    @mridulk do you need NIFTY index or future ticks?
  • HowUTrade
    @mridulk download NIFTY tick data for 15-Jun-2022 from the below link
    This csv files contains all the ticks received from Kite websocket
  • mridulk
    Many thanks @HowUTrade
    I needed NIFTY Index data but you shared both which is much appreciated.
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