User Margin API doesnt reflect payout

spiderxm edited June 20 in General
In margins API pay-in reflects correctly but payout doesn't reflect in the API. Anyone knows how to solve this
    Payouts can be seen on ZERODHA'S back office CONSOLE.

    Margins API has no payout field.

    Check all the response attributes of Margins API here:
    SRIJAN edited June 20
    I am so sorry. I didn't look at it properly :| .

    I guess the payout will be visible in API response when the funds will actually be withdrawn to your bank account as described in the documentation.

    Sorry once again. :#
  • sujith
    This field will only start showing data when we start processing instant payouts during the day.
    Thanks for clarification @sujith Sir.

    When can we expect this feature to be launched??
  • rakeshr
    We are working on this. No timeline yet as it involves compliances, as stated in this article. You can make use of other fund fields like equity/commodity.utilised and equity/commodity.available, to calculate required for EQ or F&O trades. We will announce here once this goes live.
    Ok,thanks! :) @rakeshr Sir.
  • spiderxm
    @rakeshr thats an issue, you should expose an API for transactions in the account than, i have inconsistencies in my system now as your API provides the PayIn but not the Payout and it is also a bit misleading as fields is of no use.
  • sujith
    Payment statements are a part of backoffice. Kite Connect only has trading APIs as of now, backoffice APIs aren't part of Kite Connect.
    We will think about this when we include backoffice APIs.
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