Creating a Bridge between Amibroker and Kite Python API

Hello, please provide some guidance on how to create a bridge between Amibroker and Kiteconnect Python API. I need to execute orders as per the Buy/Sell signals generated on Amibroker in my Kite account using Kiteconnect Python API. (I will login and save the access token, so login is not an issue, only passing the signals from Amibroker to Kite is the issue).
  • sujith
    Kite Connect APIs are just REST like APIs. You can call them from anywhere with the correct api_key and access token. You may check out documentation to know more.

    Please note that Kite Connect is purely an execution platform and we don't provide any solution or support for writing strategies.
    You can check with any freelancers on the forum. There are many users who have done it.
  • DD1365
    Okay, I figured out how to do this, thanks anyways. You can close this discussion.
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