Stop Loss on Buy Orders

a) Can I modify and add a stop loss to a Buy Order that is complete. Since while buying we can put in stop loss but once it is already bought can I take that bought order complete and put stop loss ?

b) If I can, can I put Stop Loss above Limit order, if the price of the stock is very high? Eg suppose if I bought stock at 100, but latest price is 110, can I put stop loss at 105?

    SRIJAN edited August 2022
    Better,go on the Kite app and learn to manual trade first.

    Still if you don't understand,then write to Zerodha support team:

    Stop trying to sway this forum into a 'how to trade' forum.
    You have been warned multiple times.
    This forum is purely dedicated to technical queries related to KiteConnect APIs.
  • sujith
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    You can know more about stop-loss order on our support portal.

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