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  • Apoorv
    This is very helpful. Thanks
  • rockiyogi
    Hello, in
    " .Net/C#
    Examples from official client "
    program, access token is hard-coded. How to set manually access token into program?
  • sujith
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    You can check out examples here.
    If you have more queries, please create a new thread. It might help others who have same queries.
  • shankarpandala
    Kite Connect example to receive and store tick in database asynchronusely
    Please confirm whether my understanding is correct,
    During the delay of 5 seconds specified in the code, celery collect all ticks received for all the tockens and update the database every 5 seconds ? or Is there any chance of data missing ?
  • Vivek
    @shankarpandala Since the ticker is running in separate thread the delay in main thread doesn't block.
  • Pavan
    Good effort and usefull for us. Thank you. But do you have plan to develope Offcial clients & Strategy/Technical indicators for Good cross platform frame work like Qt5(C++)?
  • Pavan
    Lot of world class prodcuts used Qt and more over cross platform(code once run anywhere). https://www1.qt.io/built-with-qt/
    As of now lackof support for this framwork i am writing code manually for lot of stuff. Appriciate if you consider this reqest in your project pipeline.
  • sujith
    Hi @Pavan,
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. I am afraid we can't provide support for writing strategies.
  • Pavan
    HI Sujith,
    Strategies in the sense "https://github.com/arkochhar/Technical-Indicators" provided in in other framworks/laungages. Infact i was requesting for Official client in Qt(C++). If this request is valid then only my statement valid. ANyways i started writing my own client, if it works out i will approach you as to represent third party client. Thank you for the response.
  • sujith
    Hi @Pavan,
    We don't have in-house Qt expert as of now. You can go ahead create a Kite Connect client. We can promote it :)
    The above mentioned technical indicators repository is by one of the community members @arkochhar .
  • Mrigesh
    @Vivek @All - Is Kite Java API paid API? I mean , i have tried to get #private and #public key/token , it takes me to a window to but some 2000 credit..? Please assist?
  • sujith
    Hi @Mrigesh,
    Kite Connect App is monthly subscription based service. It will cost you Rs2000/ month and if you want to use historical data, it is an add-on subscription which is 2000/month.
    Please open a new thread for queries it will help others who are searching for the same.
  • RajeshSivadasan
    Do we have an option to use the API for writing and back testing code without any charges? I mean zerodha should only charge if I am executing orders through API.
  • tonystark
    @RajeshSivadasan Sorry. As of now, we don't offer such functionality. You might be interested in Streak, a startup funded by Zerodha that has a powerful backtesting engine.
  • shankarpandala
    I am using the python asynchronous code example. It worked well for a month. Now I am getting below error daily and stops the streaming.

    What could be the reason? And what should I do to get it reconnected automatically

    2018-01-17 16:51:01,220 - websocket - ERROR - error from callback <bound method WebSocket._on_error of <kiteconnect.WebSocket object at 0x7fe9e040acc0>>: on_error() takes 0 positional arguments but 2 were given
    2018-01-17 16:51:01,260 - websocket - ERROR - error from callback <bound method WebSocket._on_close of <kiteconnect.WebSocket object at 0x7fe9e040acc0>>: on_close() takes 0 positional arguments but 1 was given

    I have tried adding below line to the code but of no use

    kws.enable_reconnect(reconnect_interval=1, reconnect_tries=50)
  • sujith
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    You can check out new example for Kite Ticker using pykiteconnect here.
  • sujith
    If anyone wants to add new content/examples on this. Please create a new thread. We will add it.
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