Kiteconnect API vs Streak

Hi Team .
I want to clarify few of the doubts before I shell out some money from Pocket.
First of all , is KiteConnect api a fully automated suite ? I mean once the code is setup and the script is ready , do we need to do any kind of manual intervention daily or on a regular basis , say
1. logging to application daily ?
2. Keeping the laptop turned on everyday ?
3. Generate any tokens daily ?
4. modifying the script regularly ?

Apart from this , we have Streak Platform which does the Automated trading similar which has lesser operational cost say only 1000 monthly , if we go for Annual Plans. We have a good UI and even backtests . But Again we have the difficulties like daily logging to application, stable network connection , using third party application called TradeRocket etc .,

Can anyone Please clarify me on the above ones and help me choose the best?

My expectation - I need a complete software and solution so that I can do one time work initially and forget and look back my P/L only at the end of month . Of Course I will monitor regularly, But I dont want to perform daily actions as mentioned above ? I know its not possible in Streak , But Atleast Will Kiteconnect API workout for the same ?

P.S I am planning to trade intraday and positional with capital less than 1 lakh.
Also I am an intermediate developer

Thanks in Advance ?
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