Data-Mismatch : InstrumentToken file : Not Able to find NIFTY22SEP14200CE

shivdas_b edited September 2022 in API clients
Hi all,
NIFTY22SEP14200PE - available in instrument token file
18167042 70965 NIFTY22SEP14200PE NIFTY 0 29/09/22 14200 0.05 50 PE NFO-OPT NFO

NIFTY22SEP14200CE - not available in instrument token file

Please guide me (if its an error in token file or no data from NSE)
  • sujith
    It is a monthly contract and seems to be expired.
  • sujith
    Instruments master will always have the instruments in which one can trade for the day.
  • shivdas_b
    ok @sujith
    thank you
    please close this discussion
  • shivdas_b
    No @sujith its not expired Yet.
    we still have 3 days for expiry
    Sept Expiry is on 29-sept-22
  • sujith
    Sorry, my bad. The put option looks like very less traded and about call option, I have asked RMS, we will get back to you once we get the reply.
  • themohammedfaisal
    themohammedfaisal edited September 2022
    Hey @shivdas_b ,

    The exchange allows X number of strikes to be active at one point in time. For Nifty, 30-1-30 strikes are allowed(OTM-ATM-ITM). More strikes are introduced as the contract moves in either direction to ensure 30 strikes are active at that end.
    In most cases, both PE and CE are active for a strike price but in this case, while 14200 PE is active, the CE strike is not active. You can refer to the kite instruments file to find the active strikes.
  • sahilajmeri1
    @themohammedfaisal This is just an explanation of the issue, please provide the way to resolve this issue. And please confirm if this issue is from kiteconnect or not.
  • rakeshr
    please provide the way to resolve this issue
    You can fetch full instrument list to get list of trading allowed contracts.
    And please confirm if this issue is from kiteconnect or not.
    As, said above it's not an issue but works on the strike framework designed by the exchange. Go through the strike scheme available on nse website to know more.
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