Kite API apps and TOTP requirments


Got this email with below phrase from zerodha

" The Kite web login PIN is going away on Monday, September 26, 2022. When logging into Kite web, you will be prompted to enter a secure App Code that can be obtained from the Kite mobile app by simply opening it. "

And does API apps as well need to be TOTP enabled from 26th SEP 2022 instead of PIN based login which we use current? please advice
  • Sreedhar
    Facing problem with login through API.
    It's taking password, but not PIN.
    What is the solution for algos?

    Zerodha can't just keep quite, while collecting subscription for APIs.
  • vivekmanot
    facing the same issue
  • Sumansangwan
    i am also not able to log in as was doing earlier kindly provide the solution
  • sujith
    It has been a year since we have mandated TOTP for the Kite Connect clients as per the SEBI circular. You can know more here.

    We have always informed clients not to automate logins as per the exchange regulations. It is mandatory to login manually at least once in a day.
  • amarfx
    If we need to just kite API for data analytics , do we still need to use TOTP auth ? if its not or never used to place any orders
  • sujith
    Yes, it is mandatory from October 1st as per the new SEBI regulation.
    You can read this similar support article which talks about it.
  • Strategist
    My account TOTP is activated and was running the algo from last one year. Today it is not working. Can you provide
    1. process to run algo
    2. Example code to access historical data
  • Sumansangwan
    @sujith the same is the case with me I was also logging in using TOTP but from Monday this is also not working. what modification do I need to do on my part kindly suggest. It should resolved at the earliest. Thank you
  • sujith
    It is mandatory by the exchange that a user has to login manually at least once in a day. We don't recommend automating login.
  • rohitm
    rohitm edited September 2022
    I logged in manually and extracted request token. and then fetched access token. is there no easier method ?

  • jeevan_bhatt
    jeevan_bhatt edited September 2022
    I was also able to automate this whole process and it was working but from the last monday. Now I am getting "sess_id" in the KiteClient(api_key='your_api_key') response which is not what i want. Previously I was getting request_token in response. any solution for this ? please help here @sujith @rakeshr
  • wtdmarketing
    Hi Sujith,

    Yes, subscription for trading and historical apis are live and expiring on 20th Oct 2022 and it’s on auto renew mode.

    I will send you key and other details on DM shortly.

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