Manual Intervention

Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum and new to kite APIs.
can someone tell me, do we require manual confirmation when we place an order through APIs?
I checked with the streaks. When we have an algorithm / strategy in place, when we get signal, we get notification from streak and it asks to take an action.
Is this same with Zerodha APIs? or once we get signal order will be placed automatically without any manual confirmation.?
  • being
    Nope. Placing orders is all basis your code, so if you tell from your code to place an order via api it will place it without any intervention.
  • vijaynair
    vijaynair edited September 2022
    No, you can automate it all.
    And truly, doing it with python(et al) and kiteconnect gives you so much more flexibility compared to streak. You can slice dice mix and match in many more ways!
  • manya_investorPukka
    @being @vijaynair Thak You very much for you reply. However I have one more question. Can you please tell me how fast zerodha places an order through place_order API? what is the delay there? I mean, If i get signal exactly at 10AM and then I capture it at 1 second after and places an order through an API, how fast is it?
  • sujith
    It takes a few seconds for an order to hit the exchange. Please note that Kite Connect is not meant for time/latency based strategies or HFT.
  • manya_investorPukka
    Thanks for the reply @sujith . Can you please tell me where can I find some examples where some APIs are implemented?
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