Not getting postback for SL-L order

I'm using postback url to get order update/complete notifications.
From Monday somehow, Stopped getting order updates for SL-L orders.
I'm getting updates for Market orders. But there is no postback for SL-L orders.
All orders are placed using API.

Please let me know if more information is required.
  • Dharmen
    Facing the same issue. Can someone from Zerodha can please look into this ?
  • rakeshr
    I just reproduced this and the postback update for UPDATE & COMPLETE status for SL-Limit order is working fine.
  • DD1365
    @rakeshr No, it is not working fine. Kindly check in live market by placing an actual order. I am also facing this issue since Monday, infact my code broke on Monday because I blindly relied on websocket order update, so whatever you say that you reproduced or did this or that, I know it's not working fine. So if possible kindly test by placing real order in live market and then fix the problem instead of denying.
  • rakeshr
    I already checked it on live market.
    17:11:51","exchange_update_timestamp":"2022-09-27 17:11:51","exchange_timestamp":"2022-09-27
  • chetanwarade
    @rakeshr We noticed similar issue on 3 accounts, our app is not getting Postback intermittently (mostly for SL-L order).
  • rakeshr
    @chetanwarade Was it happening intermittently? Can you inspect, if it's still happening?
  • DD1365
    DD1365 edited September 2022
    @rakeshr Yes it is happening intermittently. Today also it happened in 3 out of my 14 client accounts, but not in all accounts, all of them running codes built with similar architecture.

    Since this problem first happened on Monday, I have added an additional layer that checks order execution status every minute, and have added logging to this layer to know which part of the code is finding out the order update. Postback updates were received by 11 accounts, but not by remaining 3 accounts.

    Edited: Just checked today's running logs again. Its actually haphazard. For the first set of orders postback updates were not received by 3 accounts, but for the second set of orders update was not received by just 1 account.
  • sujith
    Can you private message client id and api_key for the ones that didn't receive postback?
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