Iceberg Order type

Hi Everyone,

While placing order Bank Nifty option order of quantity 1250 using iceberg as a variety of order getting below error.
'`iceberg_legs` should be between 2 and 10.'

Kindly assist.
  • rakeshr
    As, the error message states, you need to sent iceberg_legs value between 2 and 10.
    Go through this thread to know more.
  • CARahulPatel
    Also check api new calls

    iceberg_legs: Total number of legs for iceberg order type (number of legs per Iceberg should be between 2 and 10)
    iceberg_quantity: Split quantity for each iceberg leg order (quantity/iceberg_legs)
  • pseudo
    how to handle the case where iceberg quantity is not multiple of lots ie (quantity/iceberg_legs) is not an integer or multiple of ot size. Eg 2025 qty or 81 lots in BankNifty Options. what to input as iceberg_quantity?
  • rakeshr
    To determine the number of legs for iceberg orders with a value between 2 and 10, you may use the rounded-off integer as 'iceberg_legs', and use quantity as total(here 2025), the last legs will be placed with the left-out quantity.
  • pseudo
    Thanks, that works. Also, how to fetch order id of the iceberg order instead of individual legs?
  • pseudo
    1 more question: how to modify quantity in iceberg orders
  • rakeshr
    how to fetch order id of the iceberg order instead of individual legs?
    You need to check for order with variety:iceberg and quantity:total_quantity.
    how to modify quantity in iceberg orders
    You can modify iceberg quantity, only if the main leg is pending. This article here explains more.
  • pseudo
    Thank you for the response.
    1) So you mean that the 1st leg represents the complete iceberg order. Would the status of this order id represent status of complete iceberg order?
    2) The article just explains iceberg order. It does not tell how to update quantity using python API please help with that.
  • sujith
    sujith edited May 9
    I think it is better you place an iceberg order on Kite web and see then only you will have a clear picture about the behavior.
    One can't modify the total quantity of an iceberg order. You will have to cancel the second or subsequent or first leg pending order and place a fresh iceberg order.
  • pseudo
    I have use it on web multiple times, however app behavior are often slightly different. Thank you for clarification on order modification. For this I need to track the order id of subsequent legs.
    How do I track all the legs of the order for status, modification, cancellation etc, using Python API. Please help.
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