Not getting Postback (WebHooks) for MIS orders at 3.20 PM when Kite close all MIS orders.

I am able to get postback for all orders which is executed from api_key. In this postback Im getting proper Status of order. But wanted to know how my system will able to know if any MIS orders is exited form Kite? I also checked in postback logs in my system but I am not getting postback at 3.20 PM as it was exited from Kite.
Please give a solution to this so that I can able to track the positions of stocks properly at my system.

Thank you
  • sujith
    Postbacks are sent for the orders that are initiated from the Kite Connect app. It won't be sent for the orders that are placed via kite web or app.
    You will have to listen to order updates via Websockets API. On websockets API, order updates are sent for all the orders.
  • kartikpateldev
    Thank you for immediate response.

    It would be really helpful you tell us more or give an example code (in any language) of Websockets API for order updates.
    So websockets data will be received on the same Postback URL mentioned in Kite APP config?
  • kartikpateldev
    I found the code for web socket callback in nodejs as given below:
    ticker.on('order_update', onTrade);

    But Im not able to find same code in pykiteconnect in python. Please guide me through this issue.

  • sujith
    You can check out pykiteconnect documentation here.
  • kartikpateldev
    Got it. Thank you so much !!
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