Multi Login Support for - Mass Retail Solutions

Refered a similar ticket, , but did not get enough clarity

I am using the Kite API and I realized it is designed for a single user and API Key/ Secret are restricted to that user

Here is my understanding
Step1. Get the API Key and API Secret by the Registration Process
Step2. Invoke KiteLogin URL with API KEy. This will retun you the Request Token
Step3. Once you have the request_token, obtain the access_token as follows.
data = kite.generate_session("request_token_here", secret="your_secret")

The limitation hence is is that it is enabled / tightly couple for Single Users specifically Registered with KITE

Can someone advise me on what is the documentation / steps to follow to enable for multiple customer accounts.
I am looking to design a tool for Retail Customers

Thanks in Advance,
  • sujith
    I would suggest write to compliance and seek advise before building any kind of platform for mass.
    You can reach out to the compliance team on kiteconnect(at) and make sure to include the complete description of the product you are building.
  • nickel12
    i also have same query
    @rakeshr i gone through the docs. when i do login flow,response comes as
    message "The user is not enabled for the app.". i want to do multi user login .
    doc says -> "If you intent on distributing your mobile or desktop application to the public, do not embed the api_secret in the application." but how do i reach to this particular step ? do i have to do something in my developer account ? thanks
  • sujith
    You can write to compliance team asking for multi user access with your product description. They will decide and get back to you. It is usually provided for an exchange approved platform which is built to cater mass.
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