I am unable to place the iceberg order
this is my request and response over here

"tradingsymbol": "NIFTY22DEC18100CE",
"exchange": "NFO",
"quantity": "2500",
"order_type": "MARKET",
"transaction_type": "SELL",
"price": "0",
"trigger_price": "0",
"validity": "DAY",
"order_variety": "iceberg",
"disclosed_quantity": "0",
"product": "NRML",
"squareoff": "0",
"stoploss": "0",
"trailing_stoploss": "0",
"api_key": "0yzvkqu3oz92noui",
"access_token": "9qwzS1uw8gdj6U4Wd3xD212D2ESdOzyp",
"iceberg_legs": "10",
"iceberg_quantity": "1800"

"status": 200,
"id": "660a741f-8f6b-4982-bf44-dac9e4325667",
"payload": {
"status": "error",
"message": "Invalid `iceberg_quantity`.",
"data": null,
"error_type": "InputException"
  • sujith
    If you are giving iceberg quantity as 1800 then iceberg legs must be 2 know?
  • kishorsandage

    If I submit the above order as per your suggestion it gives me error message
    "InputException: Invalid `iceberg_quantity`."

    Actually as explained in other thread it should work with 1800 as first leg and then 700 quantity.
    In my opinion the number of leg parameter should be optional , quantity and iceberg_quantity is more than enough to complete functionality.

    One more observation is unless the quantity in multiple of iceberg_quantity and iceberg_legs this order type doesn't work. I tried when the market is off i actually don't know what happens when market is on. but feel it will be same.

  • rakeshr
    iceberg_quantity = (quantity/iceberg_legs)
    Go through the iceberg input params documentation here.
  • kishorsandage
    @rakeshr Thanks for you input, the issue solved with some more code.
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