Unable to place BUY order of OPTIONS in BankNifty, it keeps saying Instrument has expired

Dear Support,
I am not able to place any BUY order for Bank Nifty Options. I had tried multiple times and it keeps saying "{"The instrument you are placing an order for has either expired or does not exist."}, I am using "banknifty2311942500ce" in the code ( I tried upper case also, same issue comes up).
I wanted to place Bank Nifty CE buy for 42500 Strike Price at Market rate for 19 Jan expiry.

Can someone help me?
  • sujit1779
    Sharing more details

    I have downloaded one sheet from your website which has listing of Strike Price, expiry, etc https://api.kite.trade/instruments/NFO



    I have already tried below combinations in the code for trading symbol and each of these give "KiteConnect.InputException: 'The instrument you are placing an order for has either expired or does not exist.'

    Can someone tell me what wrong I am doing or if the API doesn't work, then why are you guys charging end users?

  • sujit1779
    I even tried combination of

    Exchange: Constants.EXCHANGE_NFO,
    Exchange: Constants.EXCHANGE_NSE,

    and none of them works, it keeps giving error
    "KiteConnect.InputException: 'The instrument you are placing an order for has either expired or does not exist.'

    KiteConnect.InputException: 'Invalid `product`.

    Kindly help, we blindly buy products associated with Zerodha, this is not expected for a reputed firm and more so when we pay for the service.

  • sujith
    At the first glance, it looks like you are sending wrong product. You can refer to the documentation here.
  • sujith
    The correct exchange value is NFO
  • sujith
    You can find it in the instruments master file.
  • sujit1779
    sujith I have picked Trading Symbol / Instrument from the file listed on your website and I have mentioned those also in my thread. Can you reread my thread where I have told in detail and tell me what product / trading symbol I have to use?

    I have used NFO also and it is also giving me the same error. Can someone assist me on what parameter is wrong?
  • sujit1779
    sujit1779 edited January 2023
    Sujith I am using the correct product BANKNIFTY2311942500CE and I am using NFO only. Can you tell me what is wrong with this PRODUCT that I have mentioned (this product I have picked from your listed master file only (i.e. https://api.kite.trade/instruments/NFO)?

    To make it more clear, I am able to place order for STOCKS but for OPTIONS it's not working and I have to place order for OPTIONS. Can you tell me what is wrong with BANKNIFTY2311942500CE product, this I have picked from website listed file only, you can cross verify?
  • sujit1779
    Sujith sorry to tell but you have pasted a very general response without telling me what wrong product I am using? I have already mentioned what product I am using and I have also told you that I have picked this information from your website only.

    Can you tell me what wrong I am doing categorically after reading my response?
    I am not able to place any TRADE via API for which I have paid because of this issue so you can understand my urgency.

  • rakeshr
    The instrument you are placing an order for has either expired or does not exist.
    Can you check out for extra spaces in the tradingsymbol?
  • sujit1779
    Rakesh I am using TRIM function in coding which always removes SPACES from start and end in case there is but I have cross checked these things before I reached out to the support forum. To answer your query, no there isn't any space. Not sure what I have to do here to resolve this issue
  • rakeshr
    You are using the wrong product in your order params. The product will be NRML here. Go through the doc here.
  • sujit1779
    sujit1779 edited January 2023
    Now the markets are closed so not able to check it as it is giving message "Market is closed", will check it tomorrow and update accordingly. This is the code I am using, can you comment if this needs to change?

    var resp = kite.PlaceOrder(
    Exchange: "NFO",
    TradingSymbol: "BANKNIFTY2311942200CE",
    TransactionType: "BUY",
    Quantity: 25,
    OrderType: "MARKET",
    Product: "NRML"

  • skargwal3
    For Simple way to get Symbol and Token of Option You can visit
  • sujit1779
    Thanks skargwal, highly appreciate it. It is useful. I was using correct trading symbol, let me check today in the open market if it works or not.
  • sujit1779
    It's working now. Thanks Rakesh for your help. Thanks Sujith and Skargwal too.
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