GetOHLC() giving Prev day data

Dictionary OHLCList = kite.GetOHLC(mylist), If I am calling this function at 7 PM IST, it should return todays OHLC, but it is giving yesterdays OHLC.
Is there a time cut off, after which this gives for todays date?
  • Saleem

    Also the price of day close seems to be incorrect, check for HDFCLIFE, 9-Feb-2023, close value.
  • rakeshr
    The previous day's close price is updated in the BOD(Beginning of the day) process, which happens around 07:00 AM(on the trading day).
  • Saleem
    No, the question is GetOHLC() at 7 PM IST is giving prev day data. After what time will I get the current days data?
  • sujith
    You can try after 7:30 AM, it is not a manual process. It is done after BOD and other processes are done. You can try post that.
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